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Voix Palestiniennes: une belle rencontre

Par Filière L, publié le mardi 7 novembre 2017 13:39 - Mis à jour le dimanche 19 novembre 2017 20:01
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Le lundi, 16 octobre, les élèves de 1ère L (LELE) ont rencontré Elias, Luna, Nathalie et Tarek, les 4 lauréats du concours de chansons françaises organisé par l’alliance Française de Bethléem.

Même si les élèves étaient timides et impressionnés au début de la rencontre, l’atmosphère s’est très vite détendue et chacun a pu poser des questions sur la vie quotidienne en Palestine, l’école, le conflit israélo-palestinien, la cuisine. Nos hôtes ont répondu de façon très sincère et chaleureuse aux interrogations des jeunes français. La rencontre s’est terminée par l’interprétation d’une chanson en arabe que tout le monde a beaucoup appréciée. Voici  ce que les élèves ont exprimé après ce beau moment.

“At the beginning, I was shy and quite nervous to speak to them. I wish I had asked more questions, but I really enjoyed that moment.. It was as if we were speaking with friends.” “I’ll never forget that amazing experience.” April

“I did not speak because I am very shy, but I heard what they said about their country.” Fanny

“They told us that even if there is a conflict they love their country. “ “I saw they were happy to meet us as we were happy to meet them” Alice

“There is a sentence that shocked me: “Sometimes, we hear shots, but it’s ok. We are used to it.” Noémie

“Meeting these Palestinian people was great, because even if we live in different countries, we are not different.” Solenne

“ I think everyone was scared to talk about the conflict, but Solène asked a question about it and they were not offended.” “Tarek said that we could go to Palestine and we would see children playing in the streets, people being happy, smiling and singing. I thought this was really precious, and I was moved.” Eva

 « I found they spoke excellent English . » « I really liked asking them questions about their everyday life as I am aware of the conflict that occurs in Palestine. I was surprised they were not bothered by  the fighting. I learnt a lot about the processes associated with crossing the border.” “Hearing Arabic was different and whilst I had no idea of what they were saying, I enjoyed the experience” Charlotte

“They speak very good English. They told us they had 6 hours of English every week at school.” Théo

“Nathalie explained that the living conditions are difficult … and Tarek said they continue to smile or play cards or dance. I saw the concert. It was beautiful and moving. We talked to them and we will keep in touch with them through the social networks.” Ilana

“They told us it was hard for them to see their families who live on the other side of the wall.” Clémence

“When we spoke together the atmosphere was very nice and friendly. They always answered our questions with a smile on their faces.” “I went to the concert and I was really impressed and moved. “  “I will keep in touch with them.” Solène

The best moment was when they started singing. Their voices are unbelievable. I almost cried even if it was short.” Sarah
“Their voices are beautiful and amazing. I think I will never forget this experience.” Benjamin

“I could learn a lot about life in Palestine.” Alexandre
“They smiled all the time. It was nice to see happy people who have a real passion.” Baptiste and Lili
“I didn’t know there were Christians in Palestine.” Eloise
“I knew nothing about Palestine, and after meeting them I really want to know more about Palestine and about the Palestinians.” Milena



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