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Stop bullying!

Par YVETTE COURDIER, publié le mardi 30 janvier 2018 22:00 - Mis à jour le jeudi 1 février 2018 15:54
Les élèves de 2nde 7 ont réfléchi au problème du harcèlement en cours d'anglais. Ils ont écrit un article de sensibilisation.

We are Manon and Alex (2nde) and we want to make you aware of the problem of bullying.

We know  a lot of people who are persecuted, insulted, punched, kicked all the time at school and outside school.

If you are a victim, speak to other people, believe in yourself and don't think the bullies are right. NO, THEY ARE WRONG.

If you are a bully, you might destroy somebody's life. Don't forget that a person you persecute might one day commit suicide. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

Maybe, you are not a victim, maybe you are not a bully, but YOU ARE ALSO CONCERNED. You might be a witness. If you are, you must speak with adults. If you don't, you will be guilty too.

You must understand that it could happen to everybody. PLEASE REACT !