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La Terminale L-ES à Londres IV

Par Filière L, publié le dimanche 28 mai 2017 11:19 - Mis à jour le mardi 13 juin 2017 09:12
Les élèves de T L-ES se sont rendus à Londres du 7 au 11 mars derniers. Ils en ont ramené des réflexions, impressions, travaux, images et interrogations qu'ils partagent peu à peu : suite des récits ! Turner, The hero of a hundred fights. (la suite)

I chose the following painting : The Hero of a Hundred Fights by J.M william Turner which was exhibited in 1847. Turner was a romantic British painter known as being "the painter of light".

This is an oil painting on canvas. The scene takes place in a working place with a lot of machinery.  We suppose that it is a foundry. In the foreground we can see a woman who may be a worker. She is the only character that we can distinguish clearly. The other characters are painted in the red light which looks like fire. This light makes a contrast with the dark tones of the space and highlights the left side of the scene with gold tones. In this part there is a shadow of a big boat. Boats were often represented by Turner. The place is completely different.

There is no sky, which  is what struck me at first sight with the dark colors. We feel attracted by this well of light and the cracks of the canvas ads a little charm. This painting gives me the impression of a fire. The moment seems to be special and important, the mood is very mystic. I like Turner's way of painting because he used to paint beautiful sunsets and skylines with movement and here this is something different that I am not used to seeing from him. So, The Hero of Hundred Fights surprises me. I like the mixture between the working space and the vision in the light.