La Terminale L-ES à Londres, II

Par Filière L, publié le lundi 17 avril 2017 19:42 - Mis à jour le lundi 1 mai 2017 12:31

Les élèves de T L-ES se sont rendus à Londres du 7 au 11 mars derniers. Ils en ont ramené des réflexions, impressions, travaux, images et interrogations qu'ils partagent peu à peu : emboîtez-leur le pas !

Le 10 mars, ils sont allés à la Tate Gallery : récit !

I have chosen one of Turner's paintings which is entitled "the shipwreck" and exhibited in 1805. First of all, Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English romantic landscape painter. He is commonly known as "the painter of light".

I chose this artwork because

it had an effect on me. I loved how Turner used dark colors to make us feel fear and compassion. The sea appears as a monster which reduces people to tiny elements. Indeed, Turner didn't paint them with a lot of details but enough to understand that they are trying to save their life. We can see that only one ship is not broken whereas the other one underwent the devastation of the storm.
I appreciate the blackness of the painting and the sky that melts with the ocean. The victims seem to be inhaled in the nothingness and we know that they will not be able to fight against the power of the waves. The only color that appears is the red which contrasts with the grey and the black. It can symbolize hope between distress and despair. I feel ill at ease and sympathetic because I would not like to be on board. I made a link with migrants or political refugees who leave their country and their family because of the war and risk their lives to find peace somewhere else.
Turner in this painting illustrates a current problem. He manages thanks to shadows, lights, to represent anxiety and hope without drawing even expressions of faces. We can feel feelings and sounds simply with movements of rough sea.


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